Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities:  Past Experiences and Future Plans


Language learning experience on which I am reflecting:






School / Program:




Reflections on big C Culture (literature, art, history, music, etc.)







Reflections on small c culture, on cultural similarities and differences (based on personal interactions, films and television, art and architecture,  newspapers and internet sites, fashion and customs, music and foods,  beliefs, religious practices and gender roles, etc.).







Reflections on how cultural competence and language learning connections to your academic discipline or to your professional career














Comparisons of similarities and differences between your dominant language(s) and a language you are learning (e.g., styles of communication, gestures, topics of conversation, how close people stand to each other, etc.)










Reflections on communities where a target langauge is spoken (e.g., comparisons and contrasts in attitudes and practices with your dominant culture, or among communities and countries where the same target language is spoken)









Future plans for formal language study, travel abroad, employment in intercultural or international settings.