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Tracking progress in a multi-term academic program

Self assessment checklists in a school setting ideally should be completed once per term so that the learner can more easily track progress in developing communication skills and in acquiring cultural competence. If you take two courses in the same language in the same term, the instructors may allow you to use the same self assessment for both courses. Each course, however, will provide you with specific strategies to help you meet your communication goals.

Your self assessment in unofficial. There are three ways to validate your performance. The first is testing done by your academic institution. The second is by standardized tests, for which information is available under ACTFL and CEFR Rating Scales and Standardized Testing. The third is through the samples of your work provided in your Language Dossier.

You summarize the ratings in your checklists and the results of your standardized tests in the Language Passport. Even if you do not have a passport for each term, you should have at least two Language Passports, the first at the time you entered the major or minor, and the last toward the end of your program, usually in the term before you intend to graduate so that there is time to address any deficiencies before graduation.

Your Language Dossier complements the checklists. The dossier should contain a subfolder for each course that illustrates the progress you have made from term to term through examples of your work. As a minimum it should cover speaking samples and writing samples, but it may may also illustrate your progress in all 5 communication skills. The Language Dossier also records any official test scores that can validate your unofficial self assessment.



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