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Patricia Cummins = Leadership for the project



Lulú (María) De Panbehchi = Web design. Has used GLP in her class Spanish classes at Virginia Commonweatlh University. Most samples come from her classes.


The American Association of Teachers of French thanks all of the Executive Committee members, commission chairs, and commission members of the AATF who contributed to this project. A complete listing will be provided at the end of beta testing.

Financial support

AATF Funding for the Commission for Colleges and Universities for preparation of an electronic portfolio

-French Embassy
Teach Europe seminar funding
Travel for French expert Daniel Coste to visit VCU

-Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
School of World Studies for grant cost share and travel support and for hosting Professor Daniel Coste (Council of Europe expert on European Language Portfolio), Dick Meijer (Architect of the Dutch European Language Portfolio), and Dr. Ali Moeller (Project Director for a LinguaFolio Nebraska longitudinal study)

College of Humanities and Sciences Student Engagement Grants to pilot language portfolios in 7 languages, to integrate e-portfolios into assessment of the language major, and to travel to major conferences to promote language portfolios.

VCU Provost Stephen D. Gottfredson for travel support

-U.S. Department of Education Title VIB award to VCU

Rouen School of Management contract with VCU

Individual and group contributions to development and testing


AATF Commission on Colleges and Universities members, including both Commission chair Patricia Cummins, the 2006 AATF panelists Céline Davesne, Kristin Hoyt, Tonya Tinsley, 2006 and 2007 ACTFL panelists Helen Small of the Virginia Department of Education (LinguaFolio workshop K-16 with AATF Commission chair Cummins), Gisella Langé (Council of Europe validation team member) and Kathryn Murphy-Judy (teacher education special interest group), and 2007 AATF panelists and Commission chairs Susan Colville-Hall (Commission on Professional Standards for Teachers) and Suzanne Hendrickson (Commission on Articulation.) The beta version of the web site has been sent to 44 AATF members for their feedback before the final version is in place in Fall 2008.


Executive Director Bret Lovejoy, Proficiency expert Elvira Swender, and ACTFL president Ray Clifford, and past president Rita Oleksak.

Virginia Dept. of Education:

-Virginia State Supervisor for Languages Faye Rollings-Carter, who oversaw development of the first LinguaFolio Virginia in collaboration with teachers K-16

-Virginia State Supervisor for Languages Helen Small, who continued development of LinguaFolio Virginia after a Rollings-Carter promotion National Council of State Supervisors for Languages (NCSSFL) Jacque Van Houten (NCSSFL Past President), Deborah Robinson (NCSSFL President), Rita Couet (South Carolina state supervisor for languages), Helga Fasciano (North Carolina state supervisor for languages), Helen Small (Virginia state supervisor for languages), Faye Rollings-Carter (former Virginia state supervisor for languages).

Special thanks to Jacque Van Houten for facilitating use of the NCSSFL grid in the GLP Language Passport)

VCU: -School of World Studies Media Center Director Professor Anton Brinckwirth for technical assistance and instructional support for faculty and students (includes Anna Marcinkowska, Nicole Little, J. Gregory Hellman, and others);

-Research assistants Renée Knepper, Elaine Kelley, Caitlin Canney;

-VCU language coordinators Saba Abed (Arabic), Haishan Lai (Chinese), Angelina Overvold (French), Paul Dvorak (German), Bernardo Piciche (Italian), Gina Kovarsky (Russian), Eugenia Muñoz (Spanish), and lower division coordinators Maria Panbehchi, Elizabeth Kissling, and Kathryn Murphy-Judy;

-VCU faculty in lower-division French, Italian, Russian, Spanish who took special initiative in response to coordinators.

-VCU upper division faculty in French and Spanish Kathryn Murphy-Judy, Angelina Overvold, Monica Ciesielkiewicz, Patricia Cummins, Maria Panbehchi

-VCU students and alumni from the Spanish portfolio capstone course whose work was shown among the first samples, and all other students who have consented to have their work shown in the next version of the web site.

Council of Europe: Language Policy Division leadership assistance with ELP and Europass documentation for GLP, especially Joseph Shields, Johanna Panthier, and Christopher Reynolds.

European colleagues who participated in conference sessions in which pilot versions of Global Language Portfolio were presented: Gisella Langé (Council of Europe validation team, Italian portfolio designer) Wolfgang Mackiewicz (European Language Council) Dick Meijer (Architect of the Dutch e-portfolio) Robert Menand (Eurocentres, LaRochelle and expert of CEFR applications) Brian North (Expert on European Language Portfolio and CEFR, Eurocentres) Maria Panbehchi (Technical expert and faculty contributor to GLP) Catherine Pétillon (French Embassy) Beatrix Sampsonis (Alliance Française in Paris)

Colleagues who provided CEFR feedback included AATF Past President Rebecca Valette, Pascal Saura (Alliance Française of Washington representative), Randall Lund (BYU), Gunhild Lischke (Cornell University), Ute Maschke (Cornell University).

This list is not exhaustive, and we ask that any additions or corrections be forwarded during the beta test version trial period through Fall 2008. Send comments on the credits to

  Global Language Portfolio  

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